Visiting the Berlin Districts that Can’t Stand Gentrification

Kreuzburg and Neukölln are not only aggressively left-wing, but they're districts that are incredibly angry about what they're becoming.


June Picks

I'm gonna start a new series featuring my favourites across photography, film, food, literature and literally anything else that I find aesthetic/fun across the month. If I see it and it makes me think that's really cool, it's probably going to find its way in here. Hopefully there are some gems waiting along the way. Kalinka... Continue Reading →

New Blog, a Fresh Start

So. I've decided to start a new blog to talk about the things I care most about: travel, books and film. Admittedly, at the moment I haven't really got much of an idea of where I'm taking it; hopefully just by giving myself a platform this project can take on a life of its own.... Continue Reading →

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